Regis or Deoxys? Who will be next?

So more than likely the next Legendary Raid Boss will be one of these guys. Now keep in mind one thing that Deoxys are classified as Mythical Pokémon. We have only had one Mythical released in PoGo and that was of course Mew. He was unlocked by completing a series of Quests. So it has me wondering whether the Deoxys will follow the same path. Now that leaves us with the Regi Trio which in my opinion will be the next tier 5 raid bosses. I think they will release them in the same way that the Legendary beasts were done. There will be a different one in 3 parts of the world and then they will rotate them every month until everyone has had all 3.

With that in mind I want to stress something very important!! I constantly see people in my local chat waiting till the last minute to get the current legendary. They will be there a day before it disappears begging for people to help raid. Unfortunately by this point most people have plenty of them and aren’t interested in doing any more of that particular legendary. So here are some words of wisdom: “Go out and do the new legendary raids the first few days they come out!!” Everyone is super hyped up at the beginning and it is incredibly easy to get people to help you with raids. There will be multiple groups out and about and it won’t be a problem to acquire the new legendary.

I am hoping we hear an announcement sometime today regarding what new Legendary we will have for the next month. I’m pretty excited about all of them so anything that get announced I will be excited for. I will keep you guys posted the second i see a notification! Stay safe and happy hunting trainers!

Discussion – Community Day, what we’d like to see in the future

We all know that tomorrow, May 19th 2018, is Charmander’s chance to shine with Community Day.  We also know that the next two Community Day dates have been announced: June 16 and July 8.

Chances are pretty good that July’s star of Community Day will be Squirtle, the last Gen 1 starter to be featured. But who will get to be June’s glorified Mon?

Some speculate that it’ll be Larvitar. (I kinda hope it is!)
I think it’d be fun to get Slakoth or Ralts or Lotad Community Days, but they have yet to feature a Gen 3 Mon…

Let’s discuss: who do you think will (or want to) have their day in the spotlight?

Possible Adventure Week Leak

This photo was found on Twitter and was taken from a Japanese website. I don’t want to build false hype but it says that Adventure Week 2018 will start on May 19 – May 26. Now it’s very unlikely that they would start a new event during the weekend of community day but anything is possible. Last community day was overlapped by the Kanto event so it’s not completely out of the question.

Everyone must remember that all these are just apparent “leaks”. There is no confirmation about any of this. There has been a Email circulating about the return of Adventure Week and to stay tuned for more details. The email looked rather legitimate and was posted in a few different languages by a handful of Redditor’s.  Not sure if there is any validity to these leaks and emails but I would honestly enjoy the return of Adventure Week. I enjoyed it last year and would love to experience it again.

That’s all for now Be safe and happy hunting adventurers!

Possible In Game Chat??

So after the latest version not only was the game updated but so was the TOS. It seems that we now have to give them permission to collect user names and messages sent to others. Well up to this point we have had no way to send messages so this seems like a bit of foreshadowing. We may see the rollout of an in game chat soon.

Now if they decide to do it like the one in Ingress then it will have a slide bar that adjusts the range of the chat. It would have an option to chat with people that are only in your immediate area and then it can be adjusted all the way to a global chat.  I think this will be a great new feature especially for organizing raids. I know that a lot of people have FB Messanger groups or Discord’s that they use for communication already but I think this will be a great feature when traveling to a new city. You could use this to get in contact with the local Pokémon communities and be able to join them in raids and ask them where the best areas are to hunt.

All in all I am just happy to see Niantic rolling out new features and keeping the game alive and well. I think this will be a great addition if in fact implemented and I look forward to chatting with everyone on it.