New Boxes Available in the Shop!

I have reviewed the contents of all 3 available boxes. Honestly all of them are a great value. Each box has lucky eggs, super incubators, and ultra balls, but all of them have a unique item for the 4th one. Make your decision based off what items you are lacking on the most. Star pieces – community day box, incense – great box, and finally raid passes – ultra box.

Now if you are looking for the best bang for your buck then the ultra box is definitely the way to go! If you look at it this way you are getting super incubators at regular incubator price and then getting all the other items for free!! HippoChick and I decided to get ultra boxes ourselves to go ahead and stock up on those sweet incubators! Plus you can never have to many raid passes! Take advantage of these great deals while you can and enjoy your community tomorrow!!