Little About Tha HippoChick

Here goes my introduction post…

Hi. I’m HippoChick.  I first learned about Pokemon Go from watching SourceFed, SourceFed Nerd, and my favorite YouTuber, Philip DeFranco. The hype was real leading up to release date! Unfortunately, day of release I was unable to download the game.  Not for lack of trying, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get the game to download!!!  The very next day my download attempts were successful, and I began my Pokemon Go journey.

I have been somewhat of a loner for most of my adult life, I deal with sometimes crippling anxiety and depression, but I soldier through it as best I can.  When I began this game I didn’t have too many people to play with.  I talked a friend into downloading it, talked my siblings (who don’t even live near me) into downloading it…  and would just casually play when I was at home, when I’d go to visit my family, and occasionally at work.  I’d go hang out with my friend once a week and sometimes we’d go hunt down the shadow Pokemon on our nearby.  I tell ya what, Cubone (who I affectionately call Skull Dude) eluded me for the longest time. Anyway…

I continued playing casually through the gym rework and the introduction of raids.  I had joined a few Facebook Pokemon Go groups for the surrounding area, but didn’t really use them for purposes of meeting people. I was mostly just trying to figure out nests, see what cool things other people have found, etc. But then — we got the legendary raids!

Making a long story short, after the Legendary birds were nearly gone, I finally got brave enough to go raid with the local group. I found a fantastic group of people that welcomed me without question. I’ve made some wonderful friends. And I met that amazing WhySoSalty guy. 😉

Our story is one for another time.  It’s a fun one. 🙂

By the way, I hit Level 40 on April 26, 2018, 658 days after I started.  I’m so happy to finally be a Level 40!

A Salty Slice of my past…

So my name is Tony aka WhySoSalty. I currently reside in North Carolina with my Girlfriend (hippochick). I am 32 years old and originally from Miami, Florida. My start date in Pokemon Go is July 8th 2016. I remember my buddy calling me saying that I need to download this new Pokemon game cause it’s insanely fun. Well after I got off the phone with him I decided to download it and give it a shot. Little did I know what this decision would manifest into.

After playing the game for a few hours I instantly fell I love with it. I hit level 40 on May 28th 2017 when the struggle was real and there were no raids to gain mass xp. Today I currently have 50.7 million XP and waiting on the level cap increase.

When Go Fest 2017 got introduced me and a few friends decided it would be a blast to attend. So we packed up my buddies car and on the road we went. There were some significant struggles during the event but I’ll get into that story in a different article. All in all we ended up having a ton of fun that weekend.

This game has brought me meet so many incredible people during these last couple of years. I have been a part of many different groups in the surrounding cities. I have made a ton of lasting friendships with people that I have met in these different groups. This game caused me to completely change my circle and surround myself with some fantastic people. I even met the love of my life because of Pokemon Go, but that story is for another day.

I am very excited about this website that hippochick and I decided to create. I can’t wait to share and discuss all of my future Pokemon Go experiences with all of you. Talk to you all soon and happy hunting trainers!