Possible In Game Chat??

So after the latest version not only was the game updated but so was the TOS. It seems that we now have to give them permission to collect user names and messages sent to others. Well up to this point we have had no way to send messages so this seems like a bit of foreshadowing. We may see the rollout of an in game chat soon.

Now if they decide to do it like the one in Ingress then it will have a slide bar that adjusts the range of the chat. It would have an option to chat with people that are only in your immediate area and then it can be adjusted all the way to a global chat.  I think this will be a great new feature especially for organizing raids. I know that a lot of people have FB Messanger groups or Discord’s that they use for communication already but I think this will be a great feature when traveling to a new city. You could use this to get in contact with the local Pokémon communities and be able to join them in raids and ask them where the best areas are to hunt.

All in all I am just happy to see Niantic rolling out new features and keeping the game alive and well. I think this will be a great addition if in fact implemented and I look forward to chatting with everyone on it.