Explaining the “new” updates to old players

I just watched Nick’s video from a couple days ago.  Super informative!

If you began playing Pokemon Go when it first came out, but along the way got frustrated or bored, or just stopped playing for whatever reason, but have picked it back up – this video is for you!  Trainer Tips covers the major game updates and talks about what we are still looking forward to.

If you aren’t already subscribed to his YouTube Channel, please do so. He consistently puts out amazing PoGo content.


Trainer Tips and his incredible Morocco video

Currently watching this video with WhySoSalty and Oh. My. Goodness.  Nick, dude, you have outdone yourself.  I love the cinematics, you are a wonderful storyteller.

Those of you that don’t know Nick, aka Trainer Tips, please watch this video.  Then watch some MORE of his videos…

I think it’s amazing that there are so many people in Morocco that want to play, yet they’re so limited in terms of PokeStops and Gyms.  That’s incredibly sad.

Let’s hope Niantic and Pokemon Go can get the Pokestop submission system up and running sooner rather than later.